Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Panasonic CES 2009 Thin was in...

At last years CES, Panasonic had the talk of the show; a 150" plasma that matched the yearling weight of a Jersey cow (that's 770 pounds for you non-diary folk.)  Now I doubt any of my walls could hold that screen in place, but maybe I could replace a window with it.

This year thin was in, and that TV was shunned to a room at the back of the booth, next to the 3D screens they have created.  Since I am personally not into 3D displays, as they typically require silly colored or LCD shutter glasses, and we cannot show that off on our standard definition broadcast, I stuck with covering the things that Panasonic is known for - great cameras and displays.

Here's the clip showing their 1/3 inch plasma, 1080p HDC-HS300 Camcorder and Viera Networked plasma screens.  You may be able to notice the dry air of the Las Vegas desert and hotels was taking a toll on my voice...  I sound a bit scratchy!

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