Thursday, August 21, 2008

I hate it when my worlds collide, and the weekend of August 22, 2008 is one such time when my work and pleasure (of all things musical) are conflicting with one another. You see my buddy Chris Pirillo is hosting Gnomedex 08 in Seattle and I haven't been to one of his conferences in a long time. At this show, I'm going to talk about the open source software, our social media center. Oh and my buddy Jeremy Toeman is going to talk about the killer open source hardware, Bug Labs. But, on this very same weekend, there is a HUGE three-day concert, Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park. What's a guy or gal to do? Well, stream the one you are not going to, of course!

The Outside Lands Festival is getting their stream on through iStreamPlanet and you can find the feed within the AT&T Blue Room Fear not, Mac users, as you can still get in on the action too, if you head to this webpage and follow the instructions that Blue Room put together.

Chris will be using his favorite 24-hour selfcasting service, U-Stream and have the show live on the website (right now the video is on the lower right hand corner, and is showing their pre-party that I cannot attend, because I am blogging. Oh, and I'm not in Seattle yet.

So if you are stuck at home these weekend, and want to see what is going on in the West coast(s), take a look at these feeds on your PC!

Gnomedex 2008 - Live stream:
Outside Lands Festival 2008 - Live stream: Outside Lands Festival

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