Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lock down your Facebook or Myspace profile

The amount of "transparency" people have which means the amount of seemingly private information that people put on the Internet these days amazes me. Wether it is photos on sharing sites like Flickr, or too much information on MySpace and Facebook, this could come back to haunt you or otherwise make you need to explain your life to a higher power. I'm not talking about the pearly gates either.

I wrote a story for Young Money, a magazine that hits a couple dozen college campuses on how to lock down your profile within the most popular social networking sites, so you do not have to worry about accepting your boss as a "friend" once they find out about Facebook.

If you have not locked down your profile, go do it now. Oh, and good luck getting the data which Yahoo and Google indexed already out of those search engines. The Internet is a house of cards, just waiting to tumble.

P.S. The endearing photo is of my G4TV host buddy Olivia Munn. I'm sure it was just pre-show nerves or something.

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