Tuesday, September 25, 2007

DEMO fall 2007 with Chris Shipley

This week brings us the DEMO fall 2007 conference in San Diego. There are a hundreds of people comprised of VC's, PR folks and companies eager to display their technologies, and big companies who are eager to SEE new technologies - which must have never been released in order to launch at DEMO.

So far its off to a great start - my favorites are Motion DSP with a multi-frame video frame aggregator - to give high quality stills from video (spook/security agencies will love this.) Digital Fountain uses Amazon's S3 service to improve video quality from steaming sites. With much more to come.

Comanies presenting for DEMOfall 2007 are as follows:
360desktop, Pty Ltd.; Victoria, Australia; http://www.360desktop.com/ Advanta; Spring House, PA; http://www.ideablob.com/
AgendiZe; Grapevine, TX; http://www.agendize.com/
Apprema, Inc.; Sunnyvale, CA; http://www.apprema.com/
Attendi, Inc.; New York, NY; http://www.attendi.com/
BatchBlue Software, LLC; Barrington, RI; http://www.batchblue.com/ CashView, Inc.; Palo Alto, CA; http://www.cashview.com/
Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.; Redwood City, CA; http://www.checkpoint.com/
ClipBlast!; Agoura Hills, CA; http://www.clipblast.com/
coComment; Geneva, Switzerland; http://www.cocomment.com/
CodaSystem France S.A.; Paris, France; http://www.shootandproof.com/ CornerWorld; Dallas, TX; http://www.cornerworld.com/
Digital Fountain; Fremont, CA; http://www.digitalfountain.com/
Diigo, Inc.; Reno, NV; http://www.diigo.com/
DimDim, Inc.; Burlington, MA; http://www.dimdim.com/
earthmine, Inc.; Berkeley, CA; http://www.earthmine.com/
EncryptaKey; Cypress, CA; http://www.encryptakey.com/
Exalead, Inc.; New York, NY; http://www.exalead.com/
FastCall411, Inc.; Hollywood, CA; http://www.fastcall411.com/
Fluid Innovation, Inc.; Austin, TX; http://www.fluidinnovation.com/
Fusion-io; Salt Lake City, UT; http://www.fusionio.com/
Generate, Inc.; Maynard, MA; http://www.generateinc.com/
Glam Media; Brisbane, CA; http://www.glammedia.com/
Global Communications, Inc.; Houston, TX; http://www.globalcasttv.net/ Global Mobile Technologies, LLP; San Francisco, CA; http://www.push-it.com/
Graspr, Inc.; Sunnyvale, CA; http://www.graspr.com/
iForem, Inc.; Redwood Shores, CA; http://www.iforem.com/
InstaColl; Bangalore, India; http://www.live-documents.com/
Jasper Wireless; Sunnyvale, CA; http://www.jasperwireless.com/
kannuu, Inc.; Dallas, TX; http://www.kannuu.com/
LiveMocha, Inc.; Bellevue, WA; http://www.livemocha.com/
LogMeIn, Inc.; Woburn, MA; http://www.logmein.com/
LongJump; Sunnyvale, CA; http://www.longjump.com/
matchmine, LLC; Needham, MA; http://www.matchmine.com/
MetaRADAR, Inc.; San Bruno, CA; http://www.metaradar.com/
mig33; Burlingame, CA; http://www.mig33.com/
MotionDSP, Inc.; San Mateo, CA; http://www.motiondsp.com/
mSpoke, Inc.; Pittsburgh, PA; http://www.mspoke.com/
MuseStorm, Ltd.; Yahud, Israel; http://www.musestorm.com/
Myndnet; East Palo Alto, CA; http://www.myndnet.com/
Myxer; Deerfield Beach, FL; http://www.myxer.com/
Ncursion; Carlsbad, CA; http://www.ncursion.com/
PeopleJam, Inc.; Los Angeles, CA; http://www.peoplejam.com/
Phreesia, Inc.; New York, NY; http://www.phreesia.com/
PlanHQ; Wellington, New Zealand; http://www.planhq.com/
Prolify, Inc.; Waltham, MA; http://www.prolify.com/
Propel Software Corporation; San Jose, CA; http://www.propel.com/
Proxure; San Luis Obispo, CA; http://www.proxure.com/
Pudding Media, Inc.; San Jose, CA; http://www.thepudding.com/
Quire, Inc.; Mountain View, CA; http://www.myquire.com/
Qumranet; Santa Clara, CA; http://www.qumranet.com/
Real Time Content, Ltd.; Ipswich, England; http://www.realtimecontent.com/
RedSquare Ventures, Ltd.; Moscow, Russia; http://www.redsquareventures.com/
RelevantMind, Corp.; Berkeley, CA; http://www.relevantmind.com/
SceneCaster; Richmond Hill, Canada; http://www.scenecaster.com/
SpaceTime; New York, NY; http://www.spacetime.com/
spigit; Pleasanton, CA; http://www.spigit.com/
Sway, Inc.; Middleton, WI; http://www.shoutlet.com/
|Talari Networks, Inc.; Cupertino, CA; http://www.talarinetworks.com/
Trovix; Mountain View, CA; http://www.trovix.com/
Truphone; London, England; http://www.truphone.com/
Tubes Networks, Inc.; Boston, MA; http://www.tubesnow.com/
Tungle Corporation; Montreal, Canada; http://www.tungle.com/
Vello; Mountain View, CA; http://www.myvello.com/
Vitarati, Inc.; San Luis Obispo, CA; http://www.seenr.com/
Vyro Games, Ltd.; Dublin, Ireland; http://www.vyro-games.com/
WMS Gaming; Waukegan, IL; http://www.wms.com/
Your Truman Show, Inc.; San Francisco, CA; http://www.yourtrumanshow.com/
Yuuguu, Ltd.; Manchester, England; http://www.yuuguu.com/

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