Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Because boxee is a new type of software program, unlike traditional software as it utilizes a 10-foot user interface like a TiVo but with social capabilities, I put together a 4 and a half minute walk-through video. This shows you how navigate through the interface (by the way, we launched the Linux version today at!) You don't use a mouse with boxee, just your keyboard if you are on a laptop, or remote control (the Apple remote or Media Center version on Windows boxes works great) to navigate around. This makes things much easier than "pointing and clicking" from across the room and as a bonus, it gets rid of that annoying mouse arrow on top of your media. This software is best used is when you connect a computer to your wide-screen TV and enjoy media from your couch!

Check out the video below to see how to get the most out of boxee. Now this isn't the "teaser video" as to why you would want to use boxee, as that is coming later... This is something for our alpha users to view while they are downloading the application, to get a little more educated on how to use it once installed...

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