Thursday, September 10, 2009

On 9/9/09 Apple had 100's of journalists and bloggers out to show us the latest iPods for the coming year. The big news is the iTouch gets the faster processor of the iPhone 3GS (but no camera or built-in mic!) and the Nano gets a video camera with H.264 recording. The compression and 16 effects built in are great, you only get 1.5 hours of record time and 7 hours of capacity on the 8GB version, so bring a charger!

Other features are a pedometer built in that syncs to Nike+ online, an FM tuner with RDBS (station and song ID) which syncs to wishlists for tracks in iTunes and a 15 minute recording buffer for radio! It's almost like pausing via a TiVo, but you cannot save the content.

Finally, iTunes 9 is launched with easy music and movie sharing between computers in your home, and the ability to receive additional media when you buy an album like photos, lyrics, and video clips for movies and music.

Watch my G4TV video below for more details!

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