Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BUG and Fire at Maker Faire 2008

BUG in Hong Kong magazine
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This weekend is going to be a geekfest delight at the San Mateo fare grounds (near the horse track) as Make Magazine's Maker Faire rolls back into town. Last year I visited it with jetlag from Australia, but this year I am taking it all in!

Be on the lookout for my friend Christian's Ristow's crushing artwork Subjugator and Manipulatrix and Lance's Greathouse's fire machines. They will warm you upon a crisp Bay area night!

But that's not the only reason for this post. My buddies at BUG labs asked me to write a bit about what I thought of their platform as a tool for inventors like myself. The essence is that I think the BUG is going to be an amazing tool for inventors - and think it has a huge future in the "long tail" with customized consumer devices. You can read my opinions at http://www.bugblogger.com/2008/04/dip-then-dive-i.html online.

With that, I will let you read more online and see you at the Maker Faire!

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