Monday, April 23, 2007

Vista Media Center dual-screen bug

If you use a dual-screen monitor setup these days (with LCD monitors so cheap, who isn't?) there is a good chance that you will perform work on your primary monitor (the screen with the start button) and use the second monitor to multi-task and enjoy some media. I typically use my Sling Player or the Winows Media Center interface on my second monitor.

These days, I am testing Windows Vista Media Center Edition with a HDHomeRun ATSC/QAM digital tuner which outputs its video via dual 26mbps Ethernet streams. Vista does not require a legacy analog tuner, which is an improvement over MCE 2005, but there is a glaring and obvious bug. My Vista powerhouse machine (trust me, the OS requires it) is a 2.4GHz Dual Core with 2GB of RAM and a GeForce 7900 WDDM video card.

The problem with this system (besides Vista not supporting many multimedia conversion utilities) is a glaring BUG that the Media Center development team did not fix. When you move the mouse over to the Media Center monitor, make a seclection with the mouse, etc, then try to slide it back across the screen to the primary monitor, it "hits a wall." That is, as soon as you click within the Media Center "full screen" interface, your mouse becomes "locked" on that screen.

To fix this; use the Windows Media Center interface in a stretched (not maximized) window or if you are in full screen mode, you can hit ALT-TAB to re-activate the primary screen window, then after the flickering ensues, you can then move your mouse off the Media Center window and onto the Primary screen.

What a silly bug to have to blog about...

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Unknown said...

It is a silly little bug but I really wish they'd fix it.
I have to either suffer that annoyance or use the software which came with my tuner card which can be highly unstable.
Usually I'll take the software that crahes occasionally than the software that blinks and flashes everytime I want to change the channel.